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2007년 8월 6일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Xanana Gusmao
E Timor's president chooses independence hero Xanana Gusmao as the new PM, triggering violence.

Afghan and US leaders meet amid renewed fears for South Korean hostages held by the Taleban.
International inspectors begin to examine the nuclear power plant damaged in last month's earthquake.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 8-6/ 한국인 인질에 대하여 부시와 카르자이가 회담
시사해설 및 칼럼   피납 동포들을 위한 기도 제목

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Afghanistan's deteriorating security situation is at the centre of talks at the U.S. Presidential retreat at camp David. The Afghan leader Hamid Karzai  is holding discussions with George Bush. President Karzai  is expected to raise questions about mounting civilian casualties during NATO operations against the Taliban. From Washington, let's get a report now from the bbc's Jane O'brien. 46B71E59.JPG

>> The talks at camp David have become something of an annual event with the two presidents keen to put on a united front and show mutual support. Mr. Karzai  in particular wants the U.S. To step up pressure on Pakistan to do more to stop foreign fighters crossing the border into Afghanistan.

>> Of course, yes, we will talk about the situation on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. I think there's no doubt that things have changed in terms of even Pakistani perception of what needs to be done in the frontier areas, and that's why the Pakistani army has been much more active there.

>> Also high on the agenda is the rise in the number of Afghan civilians mistakenly killed by the international forces fighting the insurgency. Mr. Karzai wants assurances from Mr. Bush that more will be done to protect them.

>> For domestic political reason, president Karzai , as he does at home, will here as well say, for heaven's sake, you've got to be more careful. You've got to tell the forces targeting and that when there are civilians in harm's way, they should cease and desist.

>> Overshadowing the talks is the ongoing hostage crisis involving the 21 South Korean volunteers kidnapped by the Taliban. The U.S. Is under pressure from South Korea to intervene, but supports Mr. Karzai 's refusal to strike any deal that may require further hostage taking.

>> Jane O'brien, bbc news, Washington.  

(제작 시간 여건 때문에 자막에 간혹 오타가 있음.)

  Pray for the safety of Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan

This photo was taken at a Korean airport right before their departure to Afghanistan.

Afghan and US leaders meet amid renewed fears for South Korean hostages held by the Taleban.  But both Bush and Karzai are determined to refuse to make a deal with Taliban.

Prayer concern on August 6:  The Korean hostages' families are disappointed again.  The promises of national and international leaders have ended up with lip services.  On the part of the hostages, this is a long ordeal.  May the prayers of silence be answered for those afflicted. 


탈레반에 억류된 한국인 피납자들의 신변이 몹시 우려되는 때에 아프카니스탄과 미국의 두 정상이 만났다.  그러나 양국 정상 부시와 카르자이는 인질과 포로를 맞교환하자는 탈레반의 인질협상 조건과 타협하기를 완강히 거부한다.

피랍 한국인들을 위한 8월 6일 기도 제목:  피랍 한국인 가족들은 다시금 실망하였다.  노무현 정부도, 반기문 유엔사무총장도 아프카니스탄과 미국 대통령도 최선을 다하겠다는 말뿐이다.  인질로 억류되어 있는 이들 편에서 이것은 긴 시련이다.  침묵의 기도들이 고난당하는 자들을 위하여 응답되기를.



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