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2007년 8월 29일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Three South Korean kidnapped by the Taleban cover their faces after been released in Ghazni
Taleban rebels in Afghanistan free 12 of the 19 South Korean hostages they have been holding since July.

China's Cao Gangchuan begins a visit to Japan, the first by a Chinese defence minister in over nine years.
Brussels decides to retain import tariffs on Chinese-made energy-efficient light bulbs for another year.
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S Koreans rethink missionary work
By Kevin Kim
BBC News, Seoul

South Korean hostages held by Taleban (file photo)
The South Korean Christians were doing voluntary work in Afghanistan
When South Korean TV broadcast news that hostages held by the Taleban were to be released, cheers of joy echoed through the church where the families of the Christian aid workers had been waiting for more than a month.

As South Koreans went to work on Wednesday morning, they could not escape the news of the deal struck to free 12 of the 19 hostages.

The government expects the remaining seven hostages to be freed in the coming days.

The headline of one newspaper said that a 40-day nightmare was finally over, and a collective sense of anxiety finally turned into a sense of relief.

But what lessons have been learned from the ordeal?

New approach

Even as vigils were held to pray for the safe return of the hostages, many difficult questions were also asked about Christian missionaries ignoring official warnings about threats to their safety.

I think we really have to refrain from going to countries where the government says it's too dangerous
Baek Joo Han, student

"I have been on Christian aid missions myself," said Baek Joo-han, a 22-year-old university student in Seoul.

"Other countries may see us as dogmatic and being too selfish, but we are going to other countries to help people out of pure love. We shouldn't be doing things that are bad for our country, though.

"I think we really have to refrain from going to countries where the government says it's too dangerous," he said.

Some 25% of the South Korean population is Christian, about 15,000 of whom work as missionaries overseas.

But some Christian leaders believe South Korea now has to re-assess some of its missionary work in culturally sensitive areas.

19 July: 23 South Korean Christian aid workers seized on bus in Ghazni province
26 July: Body of hostage Pastor Bae Hyung-kyu is found
31 July: Second hostage Shim Sung-min, 29, found shot dead
13 August: Two hostages freed
29 August: 12 of remaining 19 hostages released

Dr Steve Moon, the director at the Korea Research Institute for Mission, says the hostage incident will help South Korean missionaries become more mature.

"South Korean missionaries have been fairly free up to now to spread the gospel in areas where Western evangelicals have difficulty accessing.

"But now there are greater risks of identities of the South Korean missionaries becoming exposed. There will need to be greater transparency," Dr Moon says.

But it is not entirely a happy ending.

Questions are already being asked over whether the lives of two men who were killed in the initial weeks of the kidnapping could have been saved had the government engaged in negotiations with the Taleban sooner.

(제작 시간 여건 때문에 자막에 간혹 오타가 있음.)

  Pray for the safety of Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan

This photo was taken at a Korean airport right before their departure to Afghanistan.

Finally released after 42 days of captivity, yet at the sacrifice of missionary service in Afghanistan.  The Korean government accepted the condition that Korean Christians end all missionary work in the country.

Prayer concern on August 29:  Is it right that the secular government permanently abandon any missionary effort to the country?  Pray for those who return to the society where many throws the stone of criticism instead of welcoming embrace.


42일간의 피랍 생활 후 마침내 그들이 석방되었으나, 아프가니스탄에서의 선교 사역이 희생되었다.  한국 정부는 한국 기독교들이 그 나라에서의 모든 선교 사역을 중단해야 한다는 조건을 수락해 버린 것이다.

피랍 한국인들을 위한 8월 29일 기도 제목:  아프가니스탄 선교를 향한 모든 노력을 세속 정부가 영구히 금지시키는 것이 올바른가?많은 이들이 환영의 포웅 대신 비판의 돌을 던지는 냉정한 사회로 귀국하는 피랍자들을 위해 기도합시다.


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