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2007년 8월 13일 헤드라인 뉴스  
The freed South Korean women in Afghanistan, 13/8/2007
The Taleban free two South Korean hostages abducted last month in Afghanistan, officials confirm.

The first of a series of corruption cases being brought against the former Prime Minister of Thailand is due to begin.
The head of a Chinese toy company involved in a safety recall has hanged himself, according to Chinese media.
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It's been over three weeks since the captives were taken by the Taliban. Still their fate hangs in the balance. An Afghanistan official says he expect two of more than 20 hostages to be released today. Two have already been killed. 46C05711.JPGCharles Havilland is in Kabul for us.

>> Unfortunately this has reached the stage where it's very difficult and perhaps almost not too wise to speculate on anything. The Taliban's most frequent purported spokesman actually told the bbc late on Saturday the two women had been released. He then seemed the start saying all sorts of things to other media outlets. Yesterday he denied having said this, said simply there had been greejts to release -- agreement to release the women. On Saturday he used the word "unconditional." Those women still seem to be in captivity, so we don't know what's going on. You're right that some Afghanistan officials in Ghazni have now started expressing optimism about a development today, and that's a new thing.



>> Two South Korean aid workers have been released in Afghanistan. The south Korean government has welcomed their release, but urged the Taleban to release the other 19 they're still holding.

>> Free after a 25 day nightmare. It was these senior local he release, who drove them to a prearranged location, where they met up with officials of the international committee of the red cross. We are not the Taleban. We are the representatives of the tribe. 46C10769.JPG

>> The two women tearful. There they were expected to meet south Korean delegates who have been negotiating with two Taleban officials totath be reasonable good, although the Taleban said they had freed them because they were sick and as a goodwill gesture. Of the 23 Korean Christian workers kidnaedmo tho the Taleban have killed first their leader, a church pastor. And then another male hostage. His body was found at the end of July. the rebels have also released their own pictures of some of the other Koreans in captivity. Back in south Korea, their families and friends have waited with anguish the news of any developments. The South Korean government said the two women freed were now safe. They welcomed their release but urged the kidnappers to go further. 46C107A4.JPG

>> We urge the kidnappers to release our people and we will try to secure the safety and release of the remaining south Taleban say they want the comrades imprisoned by the afghan goverto Korean.

>> The Taleban say they want the comrades imprisoned by the afghan government to be set free. Korean officials have been meeting rebel repsentatives for four days now to try settle the issue.  

(제작 시간 여건 때문에 자막에 간혹 오타가 있음.)

  Pray for the safety of Korean Christian hostages in Afghanistan

This photo was taken at a Korean airport right before their departure to Afghanistan.

The Taleban free two South Korean hostages abducted last month in Afghanistan.

Prayer concern on August 13:  Two men returned home killed.  Two women returned home alive.  It was the two sick who were released. Their body is free, but their mouth is not yet because the 19 of their team still held hostage.  Pray for the inner healing of the returned, and those hostages without ransom for freedom. 


탈레반이 지난 달 아프가니스탄에서 납치한 두 멍의 한국인 인질을 석방하였다.

피랍 한국인들을 위한 8월 13일 기도 제목:  두 남자는 죽은 몸으로 귀국하였다.  두 여자는 살아서 조국 땅을 밟았다.  석방될 수 있었던 이들은 두 병약한 여인들이었다.  이제 그녀들의 몸은 자유로우나, 입은 아직 자유롭지 못함은 그녀들의 팀 중 19명이 아직 인질로 억류되어 있기 때문이다.  무사히 돌아온 분들의 내적 치유를 위해서, 그리고 탈레반이 요구하는 몸값 지불이 불가능한 인질들을 위해 기도합시다.


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