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2007년 6월 28일 헤드라인 뉴스  
International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Olli Heinonen en route to Yongbyon
A team of UN inspectors sets off for the first visit to North Korea's main nuclear reactor in four years.

Former Japanese Prime Minister and veteran lawmaker Kiichi Miyazawa dies at the age of 87.
Salvage teams hope to refloat a freighter stranded on the Australian seaboard for almost three weeks.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 6-28/ 영변 핵시설에 방문하는 유엔 핵 사찰단
시사해설 및 칼럼   직선제 반대하였던 광주폭동 시위구호
    공교롭게도 노태우 대통령의 6.29 선언 20주년 되는 날에 유엔 핵 사찰단이 영변을 방문하였다.  겉보기에는 북핵 문제가 한 단계씩 해결되어가는 듯하지만 실제로는 공산화와 적화통일의 위기가 한 단계씩 진행되고 있다.  이번 유엔 핵 사찰단의 영변 관광은 김정일과 노무현의 음흉한 음모의 둘러리에 지나지 않는다.

    20년 노태우 대통령의 6.29 선언은 대통령 간선제를 직선제로 바꿀 것을 천명하였던 선언으로, 실제 제안자는 전두환 전 대통령이셨던 것으로 알려져 있다.  그럼에도 운동권은 운동권이 간선제를 직선제로 바꾸었던 것처럼 사기쳐 왔으며, 선전해 왔다.  바로 이런 비뚤어진 역사관이 친김정일 독재자 노무현을 청와대에 입성케 하는 한 요인으로 작용했다.

   운동권이 1987년 대통령 직선제를 요구했다고 주장하는 것은 스스로 치매 환자들임을 드러내는 것이다.  1980년 광주사태 당시 시위구호는 분명 "대통령 직선제 개헌 반대"였으며, 줄여서 "개헌 반대"라고 외쳤다.   1980년 5월 당시 광주사태 당시 시위구호는 두 개의 다른 시위 구호 "최규하 대통령 하야" "신현확 총리 내각 퇴진"(줄여서 최규하 하야 신현확 퇴진이라고도 했음)이었던 것도 최규하 대통령과 신현확 총리가 직선제 개헌을 추진하고 있었기 때문이었다.

   1979년 12월 성탄절에 즈음하여 대통령에 취임하신 최규하 대통령은 그의 5공화국안, 즉 직선제 개헌을 하여 5공화국 대통령은 선출하시겠다는 안을 발표하셨으며, 취임 후 제일 먼저 하신 일이 양김씨 복권이었다.  (김영삼은 1979년 9월 방미하여 미국 대통령에게 한국 경제가 나빠져야 민주화된다고 요청했던 죄인이었으며, 김대중은 1970년대에 한민통이란 조총련 산하 간첩단 두목었음에도 최규하 대통령은 복권시켰다.)

   1980년 2월 양김씨가 대통령 출마 의지를 밝혔을 때 간선제 출마 의미가 아니었다.  최규하 대통령의 직선제 개헌 일정에 따른 출마를 하겠다는 뜻이었다.  그런데 신민당 경선에서 김영삼에게 밀린 김대중이 판을 뒤집기 위해 대톨령 직선제 반대 시위를 격렬하게 선동하였다.  그리고, 직선제 반대 시위가 최규하 대통령 하야를 요구하는 시위로 확대되더니 급기야 광주폭동으로 폭발하였기에 최규하 대통령께?직선제 개헌을 포기하셨던 것이다.

   우리나라 운동권은 모두 치매 환자들인가?  분명 광주사태 당시 시위 구호가 직선제 개헌 반대가 아니지 않았던가?  그리고, 1987년에는 단지 박종철군의 죽음을 정치적으로 이용하려 시위했던 것뿐이지 않았던가?  만약 정말로 한 인간의 생명에 대한 경외감이 있었다면 1980년 유시민 시위대가 시민 버스 탈취하여 순경들을 깔아죽였던 사건은 어떻게 이해해야 하나?  적어도 박종철 담당 형사들은 박종철의 생명을 살리기 위해 무진 애를 썼다.  그러나, 유시민 시위대는 순경 여러 명을 죽여놓고도 단 1초의 묵념조차 없었으니 어찌 그런 것들에게 박종철군의 죽음을 정치적으로 이용할 자격이 있을 수 있었겠는가?

Let's get some other stories now as the U.N. weapons inspectors are making their first trip to North Korea's main nuclear reactor since being thrown out of the country four years ago. They'll tour the facility at Yongbyon which produces plutonium. North Korea has promised to end its nuclear programme in exchange for international aid. What it hasn't yet said is that when Youngbyun will close.  Pakistan Flights to a province to a halt. Relief officials say 20,000 homes were destroyed there or damaged. A suicide bomber if afghanistan has attacked a convoy of foreign troops in kabul. At least two people were killed, a number of others injured. This attack taking place in the east of the city. Now, the man convicted of blowing up an american jumbo jet over the scottish town of lockerbie 19 years ago is hoping he may get another chance to appeal. 270 people were killed in the bombing of pan am flight 103. The bombing was sent to prison for life. He has always claimed he's innocent. There are now some doubts about the case against him. Andrew castle has more. 4683A42E.JPG

>> It became an iconic image of international terrorism, an when a bomb blew apart an american jumbo jet over a scottish towN. In the field where the jumbo's cockpit came to rest, there was little obvious sign of the events which happened here nearly 20 years ago. Lockerbie, like the rest of the world, moved on, safe in the knowledge that the bomber had been tried and convicted, that justice at least had been done. Secret service agent was the man held responsible. He was convicted during a unique legal process in which scottish judges sat in a courtroom in the netherlands. But six years on, campaigners claim he never receive trial.

>> The verdict reached is unsafe and ought to be looked at again. There were so many things to explain. 4683A468.JPG

>> The case with circumstantial and relied heavily on forensic evidence gleaned from the wreckage of the pan am jet. A fragment of a timing device was found in the shirt from the seed to this shop in malta where the owner identified magrhi as the man who bought them. A body of lawyers have been reviewing the case as af>> Although the commission can point to one particular thing, his lawyers are not restricted to that one particular thing. When they lodge an appeal, they can bring all sorts of matters to life.

>> He has been serving his 27-year sentence in a jail near glasgow, and that's where he'll remain even if the case goes to a second appeal. Andrew castle, bbc news,assrual assault charges against the country's outgoing president. Moshe katsaV. In return he'll admit to lesser offences. Mr. Katsav has always protested 4683A4B4.JPG

jerusalem are our correspondent. Perhaps you can enlighten us on the swaight katsav finds himselfin earlier a scandal that has been rumbling along in israel for about a year now. Earlier this year israel's hat

p charges against the outgoing president for rape and sexual harassment. Now today he says they have entered a plea bargain and the big charges of rape have been dropped. Now, he said also the attorney general today that the president would resign and in any case they have -- there have already been election in israel for a new president, shimon peres, who is due to take office early next month.

>> Ultimately this does amount to an admission ofhoor offences. 4683A4EF.JPG

>> That appears to be the situation at the moment. And certainly there's a number of questions bei ahe israeli media as to whether or not justice has been done, as to whether there is, you know, if you are in a position of power, you get more favourable treatment, but the attorney general... these are the questions being asked in israeli media at the moment, but certainly for now it looks as to think the president has esdhaipd big charge of rape drks escaped this big charge of rape which could have seen him facing a bill jail term. He will be stepping down, making way for the new president. Shimon peres.

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