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2007년 2월 8일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Japanese chief negotiator Kenichiro Sasae, Beijing 8/2/07
Six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programme resume in Beijing amid hopes of some progress.

A former separatist rebel is sworn in as the first directly elected governor of Indonesia's Aceh province.
The head of the Asian Development Bank warns of a widening poverty gap in Asia's fast growing economies.
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시사해설 및 칼럼   북핵6자회담 재개 -- 무엇이 북핵 해법 걸림돌인가?

   북핵6자회담이 다시 재개되었다.  북한의 전략은 이락 전쟁 수렁에 빠져든 미국을 성가시게 하는 것이요, 성가신 미국은 웬만하면 타협해 버리고 싶어한다.  그럼에도 근본적으로 대화가 불가능한 북한과 대화로 타협하기 어려운 문제가 있다.

   미국이 먼저 적대 행위를 포기하면 핵 포기를 고려해 보겠다는 것이 북한측 주장이다.  바로 여기에 논리적 대화가 불가능한 문제점이 있다.  지금 북한은 미국의 적대 행위를 전제하고 대화하자는 것이다.  만일 그 전제를 받아들이고 북한과 대화하면 북한 논리에 말려들어가게 된다.

   그러기에 북한의 전제를 받아들이고 대화하는 것부터가 북한에 핵 보유 명분쌓기를 돕는 결과를 초래한다.  회담을 뒤짚었다 진행시키면서 북한은 트집거리를 챙기고, 경제 원조는 경제 원조대로 챙길 것이다.  바로 '94년 제네바 합의의 교훈이 북한이 트집거리를 잡아 핵을 보유했다는 것이다.  

   대화를 진행시키지만 북한의 의도는 트집거리를 잡아내어 핵보유 명분을 쌓는 것이다.  그러기에, 북한이 '94년 제네바 합의를 어긴 책임을 묻는 것에서 회담이 시작되어야 함에도 지금 힐 차관보는 제2의 '94년 제네바 합의에 대해 말하고 있다.  

   처음부터 북한은 말 상대가 안되는 상대이다.  따라서, 북한에 핵이 없으면 미국이 공격할 것이라는 과잉 주장에 쐐기를 박아야 하는데, 노무현은 김정일 주장을 두둔함에서 북핵 해법을 찾으려 하였다.  본래 중국과 러시아는 북한의 군사 동맹국이었는데다 노무현이 북한 주장에 손을 들었으니, 북한은 여전히 의기양양하여 말도 안되는 논리를 주장하는 것이다.

   북한이 미국으로부터 요구하는 징표는, 즉 적대행위 포기의 징표는 한미동맹 포기이다.  그러나, 어디까지 포기하는 것이 한미동맹 포기인가?  휴전을 정전으로 바꾸는 것도 한미동맹 포기이다.  부시 대통령은 그 정도는 해 줄 수 있다고 생각한다.  그러나, 지금처럼 북한의 전제를 받아들이고 대화할 경우 북한은 적대행위 포기의 징표를 끝없이 요구하며 핵 보유 명분을 축적해 나갈 것이다.  
   이 경우, 노무현이 북핵 해법 걸림돌이다.  북한에 핵무기 없으면 미국이 북한을 공격한다는 등 과잉 주장에 대한 쐐기를 박아주어야 하는데, 노무현은 오히려 김정일 무료 변호사 노릇을 하였다.  

>> A raid on the Health Ministry in Baghdad. The Deputy Health Minister is arrested. Promises of progress at six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear programme. NATO ministers meet in Spain. Will they come up with enough troops to fight off a Taliban swing offensive? This is bbc world. Welcome. Also in the programme, protests in Jerusalem as Israel restarts excavations at Al-Sadr mosque. And the stage is shared with a sport once considered a symbol of British oppression. Amili is a senior member of the group loyal to moqtada al-sadr. He's been accused of being a central figure in infiltrating militias into the ministry. The bbc's Jane Peel is in the Iraqi capital with more details. 45CB1F35.JPG

>> This happened around 9:30 local time.   We're told by spokesman for the Ministry of Health that both American and Iraqi forces were involved in the raid. It's said they broke down doors to get into the ministry building in central Bagdad.  As you say, he's closely connected with this political group linked to moqtada Al-sadr, the anti-American Shiite cleric. Involved in helping the mehdi army, the militia which is also connected with Al-Sadr and that specifically he arranged to transport weapons that he was arrested  on those grounds.

>> Just shows, doesn't it, All of this just as the new U.S. Commander gets his feet on the ground there.

>> That's right. General David Petraeus arrives in Bagdad today.  He doesn't officially take over the commander until Saturday, but his job is to quell the violence by which the Iraqis are suffering so much. One of the aims when they bring in these new American and Iraqi forces is to tackle the militias and the death squads in a successfully in the past. That's said to have the support of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri Al Maliki. Perhaps he has been seen in the past as giving some protection to the Shiite militias. There are many supporters of the militia in the governing coalition. This time, it's said, they are going to be targeted. So it will be very interesting to see what happens when this new security surge finally gets under way with some 21,500 American troops and many thousands more Iraqi troops 45CB1FAC.JPGbrought into Baghdad to try to quell this violence.

>> Jane Peel. Well, staying in Iraq, three bombs have exploded, killing at east 28 people. Separate devices going off in Baghdad, 40 kilometres south of the capital and a further 40 kilometres south. Police say all the explosions were roadside bombs with up to 70 people also injured. The military chief of NATO is expected to urge its member states to commit yet more troops to Afghanistan. 2,000 extra troops are needed to defeat the expected spring offensive by the Taliban in the coming weeks. Well, general Karadzic is attending that meeting of NATO defence ministers. It's being held in the Spanish city of see seville. NATO commanders want to deploy the troops on the border with Pakistan and in the south where fighting is heavier. Now, you end your hostilities towards us and we'll consider an end to our nuclear programme. That seems to be North Korea's message. Six-party talks have begun in Beijing. Christopher Hill, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, defied report that a deal between Washington and Pyongyang was actually signed during a meeting with his North Korean counterpart in Berlin last month. Our correspondent in Beijing is James Reynolds. He told me there really is great pressure on both sides to ensure some sort of positive result. 45CB200F.JPG  

>> Both on the American side and on the North Korean side, they're using exactly the same phrase. Their talking about first steps or first stages. I think that gives you an indication of exactly where these talks are. They've been going on, on and off, for more than three years, but so far they have not achieved anything tangible, anything lasting. Almost now they're starting right from the beginning looking at the very first steps towards North Korea's disarmament. At least from the American side, there is a very real question mark as to whether or not North Korea really does want to disarm. At the end of the last round of six-party talks in December, Christopher Hill said he doubted the north Koreans had come negotiate in good faith. This next round of talks, I think the Americans will be looking closely to see if the north Koreans are willing to make any kind of concessions.

>> Presumably they're not using that language now about raising questions as to whether the North Koreans are there in good faith?

>> No. Christopher Hill has said that America should be cautious. He's looking at first steps. He's looking at trying to reemployment an old agreement which was signed but never implemented about a year and a half ago. The North Korean negotiator who is here has said that he's neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but he says in public he wants the United States to stop any kind of hostile policy towards north Korea. So I think there will be some pretty sharp exchanges, perhaps in private at the talks, but fundamentally they go back to this problem of this: These talks began to try to stop north Korea from developing nuclear weapons, but north Korea has done so. It has developed nuclear weapons. It has carried out a nuclear test. It believes it is a full nuclear power. And so really the task facing negotiators now is almost harder than it was at the beginning when they started several years ago. 

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