Dae Ryeong Kim's dissertation is a study in missiological homiletics from the perspective of an evangelical epistemology.  And this part of the Reverend Earl Palmer's presentation for the Karl Barth Centennial Symposium in May 1986 is a powerful demonstration that homiletically verifies Dae Ryeong Kim's findings on Barth's Influence on the Task of Preaching in his dissertation.  

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2) The Centrality of Jesus Christ:  "Total help for total need." 

Qutotation from Dogmatics in Outline.  Karl Barth's preaching--an expositional model.  Dogmatic is testing church's preaching and doctrine.  Every great confession of faith starts with apologetics.  Dogmatics measures church's proclamation.

Barmen Quotation.  Article 1-1.

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+   copyrights reference:  This audio clip is partially recorded for quotation by Dae Ryeong Kim from the Reverend Earl Palmer's lecture for Karl Barth Centennial Symposium at the Fuller Theological Seminary in May 1986.  One may quotes the sentences in this audio clip by referring to "Barth's Influence on the Task of Preaching. Media services Audio Tape 788a Pasadena, CA: Fuller Theological Seminary."