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2007년 7월 9일 헤드라인 뉴스  
North Korean nuclear reactor at Yongbyon. File photo
A special meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog, the IAEA, approves the return of inspectors to North Korea.

Indonesian prosecutors file a civil suit against ex-president Suharto, seeking the return of millions of dollars.
Australia police are given extra time to investigate an Indian doctor over the suspected UK bomb attempts.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 7-9/ 핵 사찰단의 북한 재입국을 유엔이 승인하다
시사해설 및 칼럼   한국을 대금으로 요구하는 김정일의 핵 거래
   2007년 7월 9일자 BBC 뉴스는 평양이 원조를 받고 핵 장비를 폐기하기로 동의했다고 짤막하게 보도한다.  이것은 거래가 진행되고 있음을 말하며, 그 거래는 환언하면 장사이다.  김정일이 북핵 가지고 장사를 하는 것이다.  그런데, 김정일이 경제 원조 바라고 북핵 가지고 장사하는가?  그렇지 않다.  김정일이 바라는 대금은 남한이다.  

    우리의 문제는 노무현 역시 김정일이 요구하는 대금을 지불하려 한다는 것이다.  노무현이 나라를 살살 말아먹어 김정일 형님께 갖다 바치려 꼼수 쓴다는 것은 노무현 정권 초창기부터 국민이 알 수 있는 사실이었다.  다른 분야에서는 업적을 낼 수 없는 노무현이 통일에 업적을 내려 하며, 따라서 그는 나라를 말아먹이 김정일 밥상 앞에 갖다 놓는 것을 통일 업적으로 생각한다.
    지금 노무현이 김정일에게 물자 대금 상납하면 김정일이 핵 사찰단 입국을 허용하는 척하는 것은 노무현과 김정일의 시늉 쇼이다.  바로 닷새 전인 지난 7월 4일 한성렬 북한 군축평화연구소 대리소장이 4일 영국 런던의 싱크탱크인 채텀하우스 연설에서 “한반도 비핵화는 오직 미군철수 등을 통한 미국의 적대적 조처 중지와 북·미의 핵폐기를 위한 동시적 조처 이행을 통해서만 가능하다”고 했다.

    김정일이 요구하는 대금은 남한이다.  그런데 지불 방법으로 김정일은 주한미군철수를 요구한다.  노무현이 상납하는 물자 대금으로 잠시 만족하는 시늉을 노무현과 짜고 하지만, 받을 것 다 받고 챙길 것 다 챙긴 후에는 주한미군철수를 요구하려 한다.  그리고 그 전략을 위해 노무현을 이용하며, 노무현은 반기문을 이용하여 김정일 심부름을 하고 있다.  유엔의 핵 사찰단 입국 승인은 핵 문제 해결이 아니라 실은 적화통일의 시계가 앞당겨지고 있는 것이다.

>>> The United Nations nuclear agency has agreed to send inspectors to North Korea to supervise and shut down its nuclear reactor.  The IREA  will install monitoring cameras and seals on equipment at the reactor.  Pyongyang agreed to close it in exchange for economic aid.  Rais massed 140,000 soldiers on its border with irar turkish kurdish separatists. He denies any wrongdoing and has responded by taking his self-defensetyg coalition that he said will collapse the government. It may mick early elections.

>> More from in a moment but over to you in washington.

>> There is a lot of pressure now in washington on president sh issmen have been rebelling ahead of a report for mr. Bush's presented to congress later this week hearing alan brooks

>> A small study in despair from the iraqit this was the aftermath of a bomb that killed 150 people ebb sowed erodes political hope and not only washington the opponents of the president are gathering once again on capitol hill to tryndorentangle. In iraq. 4692E3A4.JPG

>> President bush's surge has been the deadliest of the war,

sis not working. We cannot wait until september to act.

>> Reporter: In the coming days, congress will be consumed with q tie bringing the troops home and the signs are that some republicansre sident andvote foretf plan. New strategy for iraq insisted the white house, should not be decided by congress.

>> Thetiaq not neehelp of 159,000 american troops in their country. Yet withdrawing our troops b upon without the advice of our american military commanders would not be in the it w that is not something we are going to do

>> Reporter: It seems clear that president bush's support among ke is starting to eb away. That's the bad news for the white house ent bush's evhile

>>> Democratic senator jiman. Before the programme i asked him if the leaders that crco an endnk that the provisions that we are going to be debating will certainly moveow say thhe completelyou can end that is new to thes of the american people is catching up to the american congress. People have been ahead of the american ngr running iedin remove our military troops out in the first part of the campaign people were saying i wanted to cut and run. Prerehearsed wolfowitz phrases and the american people didn't buy it. It is only now that many of the republicans are buying what was in the iraq study group. So i tdehead of the rest of the congress on this

>> When you are a rebound colleague signs up a firm timeline for bringing american troops out of don't think i would sign up for support is a timeline for beginning the withdrawal because of the signal that it sends. And i would expect that most republicans who are concerned about the war would do the same thing 4692E45C.JPG

>> Reporter: Do you expect there is going to be a big debate about the consequences of what would happen inside iraq whenngnsjust put out a paper saying it is concerned about a humanitarian crisis.

>> It's a n, it's a concern that's going on right now. There is a humanitarian crisis right now. We've got i t jordan, some in syria, some internally displaced. All of the things that people are saying will happen if we withdraw were actually a consequence of the invasion in the first place. So we need to be more responsibletion was when it went in. We need to bring our troops out in a responsible way at the same time that we are leaving together the right sort of diplomatic group inside the region where countries inside 4692E493.JPG

responsibility for aftermath. That's the way it should be done and it rt haven't seen in the past

>> Reporter: You just returned from asia. Did what you heard from that trip make you more convinced that it is time for america to start getting out of iraq

>> I was ready i ied and occupied iraq that it was going to affect the american infrastructure, the army and our ability to address our strategic interests elsewhere. And east asia is an enormously vital part of the world for the united states and it has been pushed to the back burner and we need to be addressing that for d also for the country.

>> Reporter: Jim web, democratic senator from virginia speaking with me a short while ago. Coming up on the programme, 12 years on fromca massacre, the remains of 400 victims are finally returned to their families. The business news from new york here is michelle flur 4692E4D8.JPG

>> Thank you.

Second quarter earnings season and solid gains on the market. The numbers are just ahead. The second quarter earnings season got off on the road with numbers from alcoa after the closed, property profits of $716 million down from $749 million a year earlier. The drop waschos bid. The company rejected alcoa's offer outrightn. Other company news and french big gias specu to buy dutch baby food company. The move comes just sas after the first government as a n that needed aktstself.

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