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2007년 7월 2일 헤드라인 뉴스  
Kim Seung-youn leaves a police station after questioning on 30 April 2007
One of South Korea's richest men is jailed for 18 months for attacking staff in a karaoke bar who scuffled with his son.

Japan's PM Shinzo Abe rebukes a minister over WWII atom bomb comments, as his poll ratings drop further.
Early results in East Timor's election shows a slight lead for the ruling Fretilin party as EU monitors hail the vote.
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BBC 뉴스 토픽 BBC 뉴스 7-2/ 징역형 언도받은 한화그룹 김승연 회장
시사해설 및 칼럼   전두환 대통령과 노무현 시대의 기업인
   한국 언론의 냄비 근성을 반영이라도 하는 듯 한화그룹 김승연 회장에게 실형이 선고되었다는 뉴스가 특종 뉴스로 취급되지도 않으며, 시민들도 별 관심을 가지지 않는다.  사실 따지고 보면 김승연 회장은 냄비 언론의 희생자였다.  언론이 관심을 가지니 수사 대상이 되었고, 빠져나갈 길 없이 전과범 낙인이 찍히고 말았다.  그러나, 한국인의 냄비가 이미 식었을 때 김승연 회장에 대한 법정 판결 뉴스가 지구촌에서는 특종 뉴스가 되고 말았다.  

   운동권 정권 언론이 어찌나 사기치고 국민을 속였는지 대부분의 한국인들이 잘못 알고 있는 근현대사 상식 몇가지가 있다.  김대중이 최규하 대통령을 강제로 하야시키고 스스로 대통령되기 위해 518광주폭동을 일으켰던 1980년 5월은 최규하 대통령 정권 시절이었음에도 대부분의 국민은 전두환 정권 시절이라고 속아왔다.  1981년 3월 5공화국 출범과 더불어 폐지된 것이 삼청교육대 제도였음에도, 대부분의 국민은 이때부터 삼청교육대가 시작된 것으로 거꾸로 알고 있다.  

    운동권 정권 언론이 어찌나 사기치고 국민을 속였는지 대부분의 한국인들이 1981년 3월 5공화국 출범이 이룩한 경제적 신기원에 대하여 전혀 모르고 있다.  바로 이때부터 한국산이 오대양 육대주로 진출하였다.  불과 30년전만 해도 한국이 우러러보던 경제 대국 베트남산 가전제품 한국에서 인지도를 얻기는 지금 거의 불가능할 것이다.  1981년 3월 이전의 made-in-korea 가 지구촌에서 그 이하로 인지도가 낮았다.  한국이 아직 후진국으로 알려져 있던 때 made-in-korea 를 하루아침에 세계적 브랜드로 되게 한데는 전두환 대통령의 경제 전략이 있었다.

   전두환 대통령의 그런 명쾌한 경제 전략 덕분에 순식간에 후진국에서 선진국 국민으로 대우받는 지위에 오르고 경제 생활도 풍족하게 되었음에도 대부분의 한국인들이 그 사실에 무지하다는 것은 정말 이상한 일이다.  박정희 대통령과 전두환 대통령 시절에는 기업인들도 산업혁명 전사와 수출 역군으로서의 사명감을 가지고 있더니 문민 독재자 김영삼 정권 시대부터 한국 기업인들에게 졸부 근성이 나타나고 있다.

   일면 김승연 회장에게도 억울한 측면이 있거니와 기업인들이 대통령을 닯고 있는 측면도 있어 보인다.  사실 김우중이 있었기에 한국은 잘사는 나라가 될 수 있었다.  전두환 대통령에게 아무리 한국 수출시장을 오대야 육대주로 넓히는 명전략이 있었다 해도 행동하는 기업인이 없었다면 실현이 어려웠을 것이다.  실로 김우중씨는 수출시장 개척 선봉에 섰던 인물이었다.  그런데, 전두환 전 대통령 면상에 명패를 던졌던 노무현의 폭력 기질을 노무현 정권 시절에는 기업인들도 닮게 된 것이었던 것일까?

First let's look at some other news today. One of South Korea's richest businessmen has been sentenced to a year and a half in prison for abducting and assaulting workers at a karaoke bar.  Kim Seung-youn was convicted of attacking the men with the aid of his bodyguards. They had take part in a scuffle with his twenty-year old son. So the businessman admitted that he was responsible for much of the violence but said his body bodyguards were taken over and got tied. Timor is holding a parliamentary election. Figures released sho ahead after 5% of the ballots have been counted. Mr. Than 50 african presidents meeting in ghana will debate the idea of the united states of colonel muammar gaddafi wants action on such an alliance. The u.S. Has reiterated accusations over alleged iranian lijs to the arming and training 4688E9EE.JPGof iraqi militants. A spokesman in baghdad told reporters a man had been n iraq workingor iranian organisation linked to iran's revolutionary god. The cuts force train approximately 20 to 06 iraqis at a time, sending them back to iraq, organised into these special groups. They're being taught how to useF.P.S, mortars, rockets, as well as intelligence, sniper and kidnapping operati training, the force also supplies the special groups with weapons and funding of 750,000 to 3 million u.S. Dollars a month. Without this support, tecro pressed to conduct their operations in iraq.

>> Our baghdad correspondent andrew north explains what is significant abth allegations.

>> They've made many allegations in the past which the iranians have repeatedly denieD. We also heard more allegations of hezah captured is believed to be a senior hezbollah operative. And what in effect they're saying is that the americans believe hezbollah has acted askiiaison bet iran and these so-called special secret cells operating here in iraq. Now, they're believed to be linked to the mehdi army but operating outside its control. In other words, they are not following iranian directionS.O ss here.

>> Our intelligence reveals that senior leadership in iran is aware of this activity. We also understand t lcerns to the iranian government in recent months about the activity that we have learned more about.Ow,ehat he believed that moqtada al-sadr, the leader of the sadrist movement is unhappy about thiS. He has tried to stop these secret cells operating, but in effect they are now beyond his control.

>> Andrew north. Pakistan's government said it would welcome international asst fno but several hundred people have been reported dead around pakistan after a week of cyesonsonce of balochistan has been hardest hiT. Nearly 2 million people have been affected and hundreds of thousands are homeless. The people have been without drinking water and electricity for days. Floods and storms have affected other parts of south asiA. More than 200 villages in india have been completely flooded. More than 100,000 people have been forced f across south, southwestern and western india. Floods have also affected america. 12 counties in kansas are under a state of emergency. The national guard has been brought it out to help evacuate the area. The charge -- trial has opened in istanbuL. Hundreds of people have been demanding justice. Mr. Dink was shot deaD. His murder triggered anger and 4688EAD7.JPGshock in turkey. A teenager is accused of carrying out the shootinG. Joining us on the line from istanbul is sara rainsford. It remains controversial to this day, the shooting of the journalist.

>> A crowd gathered a short distance from the courtroom this morning as the suspects were t undred, possibly 1000 people here to call for justice for hrant dinK. A group of members of the ethnic armenian community escorted them into court. Dozens of police vehicles, bus full of riot police because it is an extremely controversial trial. It's believed that hrant dink was killed because of comments he made about the mass killing of ar meanians -- armenians in 1915, an extremely sensitive subject here because turkeyuss guilty of genocidE. 4688EB13.JPG

>> 18 people are on trial. Are they believed to be part of a network, any particular group?


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